Make Your Extensions Last Longer–Hair Care Tips from DreamCatchers



As the seasons change, you might notice an uptick in customers seeking to update their look for spring and summer. With so many of the latest summer 2023 hair trends achievable with extensions, it's important to remind folks that with DreamCatchers, their hair dreams can come true. 

Giving customers some hair extension hacks can elongate their extensions' longevity and keep them looking beautiful and healthy for as long as possible. While some of these tips are intuitive, people must know exactly what's best for their specific extension type(s). By educating clients, you'll build trust with them as their stylist and keep them coming back for regular maintenance and check-ins. Feel free to use the following five steps as a printout or point customers to this blog as a resource for upkeep. 

5 Tips for Caring for Your Extensions 

1. Wash your extensions with care

When it comes to washing hair extensions, products matter. We recommend investing in quality products with ingredients that won't deplete your natural oils. This means avoiding products that contain ingredients such as sulfates and alcohol, which make your extensions more likely to get matted. Let the water and products flow down your hair with as little movement as possible to avoid tangling. Focus the shampoo on the roots and the conditioner and/or oils on the ends to ensure the products are used most effectively. Additionally, opt for a warm shower rather than scorching hot. The less hot the water, the less likely your natural oils will be stripped, and the less likely integrity of the extensions (such as tape) will be affected. 


2. Brush your extensions correctly


Although you likely already brush your hair daily, when you have extensions, it's essential to do it correctly to keep your extensions intact for as long as possible. To minimize the strain on the bonds, we recommend brushing your hair in increments starting from the bottom and working up to your roots. By taking it section by section, you avoid pulling and can tackle knots more easily. It's also a good idea to keep a brush handy, so you can brush and freshen up periodically throughout the day rather than letting small tangles develop into larger mats that are more challenging to detangle. 


3. Avoid sleeping with wet hair

Consider this one of the golden rules of extensions. Because your natural hair is weakest when wet, it causes the most problems for your extensions. Sleeping with damp hair can cause easy tangling and faster matting. This will ultimately cause you to put unnecessary pressure on your extensions as you work to brush through your hair. We recommend entirely drying and brushing before bed and sleeping with the hair pulled back in a scrunchie in one or two braids, or a low ponytail to help prevent any knotting while sleeping. 


4. Deep condition at least 1x/week

Conditioning your hair extensions keeps the hair soft and easy to work with and minimizes its tangled likelihood. While you want to avoid over-conditioning, we recommend a conditioning treatment at least once or twice a week to keep hair knot-free and fresh. Deep conditioning treatments are something some stylists offer as a service, but there are also several at-home options. It's best to get product recommendations from your stylist as they are the expert on hair extensions in general and your specific style and needs. 


5. Schedule regular maintenance

Just like with your car, hair extensions require regular maintenance and care. Having maintenance be part of your extension process will help you and your stylist remain on the same page and keep your hair as healthy and cared for as possible. Along with these at-home tips, creating a unique plan with your stylist is crucial to ensure future appointments, refusions, deep conditions, etc., align with your specific needs.


Extensions are an exciting and accessible way for customers to transform their look, but without care, they won't last as long. Incorporating these steps into their hair care routine ensures their beautiful DreamCatchers hair extensions will stay as fresh and beautiful as when it was first installed. For more tips, trends, and promos, follow us on TikTok and Instagram, where we share exclusive weekly content.