The world’s Best Hair Extensions!

Our Vision

We created DreamCatchers with one simple idea in mind, to offer the best quality hair available to ensure your clients enjoy long-lasting, reusable, luxurious hair.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help stylists make their guests feel beautiful & confident. By providing this, we help our stylists raise their level of expertise & creativity. You will note a significant increase in your income. Always remember, when your guest leaves feeling beautiful, they will be your “walking & talking” billboard, promoting your work to their friends & colleagues.

Our Values

Our core values have always been and always will be Beauty, Confidence & Happiness. We truly believe, if you offer an excellent service to your guests, you will be rewarded in so many ways. We firmly believe that when your client looks good, they automatically feel good, therefore giving you the confidence to achieve your ongoing goals.

A Cut Above

Here at DreamCatchers, we’re all about quality, & we take pride in our hair, just as you do. That’s why we only use 100% Remy hair that is silicone free. Doing this ensures lasting, quality hair, the kind you dream about. Our hair is a unique blend of Remy hair, which means that the cuticles are intact & are aligned in the same direction. As part of our quality control, we lab test our hair to check for cuticle integrity, pH, & hair structure to ensure that the hair is damage free & without any coatings.

Quality Control Tests

DreamCatchers Hair

This image shows the fully intact cuticle. Grade A extension hair is healthy & will integrate seamlessly with the client`s natural hair as seen above.

Other Hair on The Market

This image shows that the cuticle is not present. The V shaped marks are scars. The hair shaft broke down being over processed. Grade F extension hair usually has a sealant to coat & hide the fact that the cuticle is no longer present. The sealant makes the hair feel soft until it washes off.

in Numbers

Unmatched Quality

Here at DreamCatchers, we’re all about quality, and we take pride in our hair, just as you do. That’s why we only use 100% Remy hair. Doing this ensures lasting, quality hair, the kind you dream about.

carefully selected

100% Remy Human Hair


Silicone Free

The Secret
is in the tip

Our hair quality is so amazing, you definitely wouldn’t want to just throw it away after a few months. At DreamCatchers we have come up with a tipping system (exclusive to DreamCatchers) that is made of a polyurethane (rubberized material) that doesn’t damage the extensions, or your hair. This allows you to re-use the same extensions month after month (in some cases 1 year or more), so your clients get the extended enjoyment of amazing looking hair.

Rainbow of Colors

With over 40 colors and blends, DreamCatchers is the perfect solution to achieve any look.

Hair Extensions Technology

We use clean, easy to install and maintain technology for our extensions. Most importantly, it is non-damaging! DreamCatchers offers both I-Tip and Tape in systems.

Beautiful, Long & Versatile

Tape In System

The best is the best for a reason

I-Tip System


K-Tip System


Weft System