How to Enhance Any Spring 2023 Wedding-Day Look with Hair Extensions


Wedding season is upon us, and extensions can provide brides with even more options for finding their perfect wedding day look. Working with your clients and simply educating them on what's possible with hair extensions can help open them up to a new world of possibility. Keep reading to learn more about how DreamCatchers hair can transform any bride during the 2023 wedding season.


Top 2023 Trends

Some of the top wedding hair trends for 2023–like enhancing natural movement, perfect boho waves, and fantasy-inspired half-up styles–are all about adding to a Bride's natural beauty. Extensions are an excellent way to achieve effortless looks that create more depth and volume. DreamCatchers carries each of the four hair extension systems, so we have the extensions she needs no matter what her hair goals might be on her big day.


Achieve Long and Flowing Locks

We all know brides are looking to feel beautiful on their wedding day, and extensions can make that happen. Brides can instantly add length to make their long hair dreams a reality. Achieving beautiful hair that looks natural means securing the highest quality, and that's a guarantee with DreamCatchers. Every strand of hair we use is 100% Remy, silicone-free hair. This quality is standard for our hair, as we want to ensure stylists are set up to help clients always achieve their dream hair, especially for significant events such as weddings.


Experiment and Get Creative

While experimentation isn't for every bride, some clients might want to try something entirely new for their wedding day. Whether it's a dramatic cut, funky colors, or something in between, extensions can help brides achieve the most creative looks without the stress of damaging their natural hair. Even if the look they are trying to achieve is more traditional, hair extensions can add volume and give hair a refreshed look, giving the stylist more hair to play with.



Highlight YOU with Color

Another reason brides might gravitate to extensions is to minimize the use of chemical treatments to their natural hair if she's looking for a color change. Being able to dye the extensions instead of the bride's actual hair can make achieving balayage, ombre, and other color treatments possible. This protects the hair from needing to be completely bleached. Brides can also achieve beautiful highlights with extensions that add dimension and texture to their styles in a completely natural, effortless way.


Extension Options for Every Bride

Regardless of your bride's style, it's crucial to remember DreamCatchers carries all four systems. All of our extensions are 100% full cuticle Remy hair, but it's essential to understand the differences between each so you can best match the extension to your client's needs. Our I-Tip system uses a patented rubberized tip that allows the hair to lay flat against your head (and has 360 degrees of movement). Our Tape-In system quickly enables you to add more volume to the areas you need it the most. The DreamCatchers wefting system is a single weft of hair sewn through a beaded foundation (and gives maximum volume and thickness) . Keratin Tip Extensions, also known as K-tip, are individual extensions applied using a heating tool (and are very discreet to add length in the places you may need it most). Understanding these nuances will help you make the right recommendation to ensure your bride’s perfect day includes perfect hair.


Are you looking to get certified in extensions before the wedding season? We have in-person and online certification courses happening all over the country. Check out our certification schedule and add "extension expert" to your list of services ahead of spring.