The Production Process

Most people do not realize the lengthy process the hair goes through to obtain the correct coloring. What is unique about Dreamcatchers is we allow our hair to rest in between the different stages of process which allows the cuticles to close and remain intact perserving the natural qualities and look of the hair. You would be amazed by the length of the process. Check it out.


Sourcing Worldwide


Fair Trade Supply Chain

The Process Begins

Here are the steps we go through to ensure the highest quality of our hair…

1Iron Free Washing.

Water naturally contains iron, which dries the hair at temperatures over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Our water is purified before the hair is washed. We were one of the first companies to discover this & it has revolutionized the process.

2Keratin Conditioning & Handwashing.

Keratin is used to keep the hair cuticles intact during processing. We hand-wash the raw hair to ensure the direction of the cuticles & to prevent damage.

3Naturally Drying the Hair.

The hair is dried with natural sun & wind to prevent damage from excessive heat & keeps the hair naturally smooth. This slows down the process & that is why most companies don’t do it. This is one of the secrets to the soft & luxurious feel of our hair. It is also very important for the performance and durability of our hair.

4Resting the Hair.

We let our hair rest in between the production steps. This allows the cuticle to close naturally and prevents over-processing while maintaining the integrity of the hair.

5Hackling by Hand.

Hackling is the process of removing the shorter hairs from the raw hair shanks. This results in consistency in each bundle produced.


We do in fact sometimes use the gentlest of coloring processes to help keep the color consistent. We use a toner to correct inconsistencies and ensure an accurate color match to your swatch ring.

7No Harsh Chemical Applications.

We do not chemically over process or restructure our hair. This is incredibly important because most companies apply chemicals & silicone on their hair to mask the fact that they over process, resulting in dry, brittle hair. The silicone dissolves after a few washes & the hair performance drops off dramatically.

8Grey Hair is removed by hand.

Grey hair naturally occurs in all people, but we make sure to remove the gray hair using special UV lights to detect it. Most companies color the hair to hide gray hair, but it shows after several washes.

9Second Washing.

Second washing & conditioning is done to make sure the hair is clean after the completion of the previous steps.


This is the time when the hair is woven into i-tips & tapes. We use our own unique & proprietary polyurethane tipping system developed specifically for DreamCatchers. This prevents slippage & damage (to the client’s natural hair) allowing for the extensions to be reused. With the proper maintenance & care, our extensions can last for years, giving your clients extended use.

Check, Check and Check

At this point the hair is supposed to be ready … but is it ? You simply cannot know unless you check. This is why Dreamcatchers goes to extreme lengths to ensure that our hair extensions really are “The world’s best hair extensions”.

11Brushing/Shedding Check.

We vigorously brush the hair on all bundles to test the overall quality & remove any stray hairs. Note- the length & weight checks are done after this step. We make sure our hair does not shed before it leaves the factory. If any inconsistencies are found, they are addressed before the next stage of production.

12Bundle Weight Check.

We weigh each bundle of hair to ensure that the weight is correct (in most cases, our hair is over our standard weight).

13Length Check.

We check the hair at the factory to ensure the lengths & taper is correct. Please note, our hair is naturally tapered to mimic the natural hair shape.

14Final Cuticle & Remy Check.

On all hair we receive, we perform quality control checks under a microscope, prior to & after processing, to ensure our hair is indeed full cuticle, thus giving you the confidence knowing you are providing the best hair available to your clients.


Once complete, the newly packaged extensions are sent to our headquarters in Texas to be shipped off to YOU, our certified stylists.

Picking Only The Top 20%

DreamCatchers has a first pick policy & contract with all of our suppliers. We are guaranteed the top 20% of our best hair & the rest is sold off to our competitors. We take great pride in our hair extension production. The DreamCatchers suppliers & factories ethically source hair. Creating the correct color for the extensions is quite a transformation process.