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Work with the World’s Best Hair Extensions & Learn how to make more money as a stylist.

What’s in it For You?

  • Certification Kit Valued at over $2000
  • Learn everything from installation to maintenance & removal
  • Easy Online Certification Course accessible 24/7 at your own pace
  • Complete demonstration of the most popular Systems (I-Tip, Tape, K-Tip & Weft)
  • Access to the world’s best hair extensions
  • Client Retention Strategies
  • Over 15 Hours of Invaluable Video Training on all your devices
  • Business & Revenue Growth Techniques and Strategies
  • Monthly Q&As for Certified Stylists
  • New Stylists Orientation with our Educators

By purchasing a hands-on class you automatically get access to our online training.

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I-Tip, Tape, K-Tip & Weft Training for 2024!

Based on over 15 years of experience educating 27,000+ stylists revamped with input from all our amazing educators.

We have collected feedback from thousands of stylists and hundreds of our experienced educators to re-invent the online and hands-on training we provide now for All 4 systems and we are proud to announce our new and improved syllabus because we owe its success to your feedback and suggestions. We have compiled the best practices and trade secrets of our top-selling stylists and we are happy to share all this incredibly valuable information with you.

What You Will Learn?

  • How to install I-Tip, Tape, K-Tip and Weft
    extensions like a pro.

    How to sell hair extensions to your guests.

    How to do hair extensions consultations.

    How to do maintenance, adjustments and

    Pricing Strategies.

  • How to make more money as a hair extensions stylist.

    How to keep your clients indefinitely.

    How to attract more clients & grow your business.

    How to use legal forms to grow your business and revenue.

    How to alternate your services to
    increase revenue.

  • Color Matching, Coloring, Framing, Shaping,
    Layering & Cutting techniques.

    Washing, Drying & Conditioning techniques.

    Layout & Sectioning techniques.

    Split End Removals techniques.

    Alternative & Cool uses of hair extensions.

The DC 4-in-1 Kit

Everything you need to do all 4 extensions systems!

Online Certification Course accessible 24/7 at your own pace

DreamCatchers briefcase for Concierge Services

Rainbow Tool Kit & Holster with crimping tool, shears and razor

K-tip & Weft Tool Kit with scissors, needles, thread & clips

Full Color Swatch with All 56 Colors

K-Tip Heat Tool & Heat Wrap

Pack of Heat Shield Protectors

DreamCatchers I-Tip Threader

I-Tip Cylinder Tower

with all 6 colors of cylinders

Weft Cylinder Tower

with all 4 colors of our silicone lined cylinders

Training thread (pink)

used for our wefting system

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

DreamCatchers Hair Clips

4 hair clips pack

1 Bottle of Solvent

1 Bottle of Tape Cleanser

Mini Replacement Tape

Pop socket

DreamCatchers Apron (New)

Rat Tail Comb

Velcro Separators

The DreamCatchers Manual The Bible of Hair Extensions

  • What you get Value

  • Online Certification Course accessible
    24/7 at your own pace

  • Hands On Training Discount

  • DreamCatchers briefcase for
    Concierge Services

  • Rainbow Tool kit & holster with crimping tool,
    shears and razor Concierge Services

  • K-tip & Weft Tool Kit with
    scissors, needles, thread & clips

  • 1 bundle of K-tip extensions 12’’ | 25 Strands

  • 1 bundle of I-tip extensions 12’’ | 25 Strands

  • 1 bundle of weft extensions 10’’

  • 1 bundle of tape extensions 12’’ | 10 Strips

  • Full Color Swatch with All 56
    DreamCatchers Colors (New)

  • K-Tip Heat Tool & Heat Wrap

  • Pack of Heat Shield Protectors

  • DreamCatchers i-tip Threader

  • I-tip Cylinder Tower with all 6 colors of cylinders

  • Weft Cylinder Tower with all 4 colors of our silicone lined cylinders

  • Training thread (pink)

  • DreamCatchers Bluetooth Selfie Stick

  • 4 Pack of our Gorgeous
    DreamCatchers Hair Clips

  • Extensions solvent

  • Tape cleanser

  • Mini replacement tape

  • Pop Socket

  • DreamCatchers Apron (New)

  • Rat Tail Comb

  • Velcro Separator

  • Complete DC Manual: The Bible of Hair Extensions


Total Value $2133

Save up to $1634

online certification $799


online + hands-on


DreamCatchers in Action

Check out these amazing results achieved by our stylists!Choose the educator you like the most
and book a class with them. We are looking forward to seeing your amazing work!

Meet our

Wesley Palmer

dreamcatchers educator

Rolando Aqui

dreamcatchers educator

Montana Schmidt

dreamcatchers educator

Morgan Brack

dreamcatchers educator

Lynda Peterson

dreamcatchers educator

Joshua Rainville

dreamcatchers educator

Jordan Yanatos

dreamcatchers educator

Jessica Powers

dreamcatchers educator

Gerilyn Ghaisarzadeh

dreamcatchers educator

Brittany Holland

dreamcatchers educator

Ashley Lavallee

dreamcatchers educator

Amanda Diambri

dreamcatchers educator

Alyssa Mongelluzzo

dreamcatchers educator

Adrianna Webb

dreamcatchers educator

Alejandro Lopez

dreamcatchers educator

Hands-On Trainings

By purchasing a hands-on class you automatically receive access to our online training.

Available across the country for just $699

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin

To book your seat simply call 855-DREAM-TEAM

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The DreamTeam

Facebook Community

By joining the DreamCatchers family you also get access to our Stylist Circle private Facebook community where our stylists and educators help each other and discuss trends every day.

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DreamCatchers Media Library

Gain access to hundreds of video/photo content to use for your social media channels.

Available only to certified DreamCatchers stylists

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In Association With

50 + 6 NEW gourgeous colors

The Biggest
Color Palette in the entire industry

you`ve asked we listened

6 NEW Colors

We added the 6 most requested colors to our palette
based on your requests.

The DreamCatchers Manual

a.k.a the bible of hair extensions

The DreamCatchers instruction manual (internally known as the bible of hair extensions) is an unbelievable collection of professional knowledge built up over the years. In it our CEO, Educators, Marketing Team, Customer Service Team and even the legal team share all of their insights about how the hair extensions business works. It covers important topics no other education does like how the hair is produced and how you can grade it, how to set up contracts & handle warranties, how to promote yourself on social media, create content and get customers, how to do consultations and sell hair extensions, how to retain your clients indefinitely and so much more. It is also full of tools to help you with day to day operations.

It is so priceless
that even our competitor’s
are reading it.

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Additional Goodies

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There’s Even More

  • 60 Days warranty.
    Superior hair. Guaranteed satisfaction.

  • $200 in hair credit for every certified
    stylist you refer to DreamCatchers.

  • Permanent discounts & frequent promotions
    for stylists, students & salon owners.

  • Submit your work and get featured
    on our website & social media channels.

  • Get Professional Insider Tips & Tricks from
    our Educators. (New)

  • 200 counter display promotional flyers
    for your guests.

  • Opportunities to become an educator
    in your area and earn even more.

  • Get featured on The Battle of The Strands -
    the oscars of hair extensions. (New)

DreamCatchers in Numbers

The Production Process

Most people do not realize the lengthy process the hair goes through to obtain the correct coloring. What is unique about DreamCatchers is we allow our hair to rest in between the different stages in the process which allows the cuticles to close and remain intact perserving the natural qualities and look of the hair. You would be amazed by the length of the process. Check it out.

view process

Course Overview

The training includes 28 Different Modules. You will be quizzed on the information learned. You will also be required to submit a test row of an I-Tip, Tape K-Tip & Weft Installations before certification is granted.


I-Tip & Tape course content course Length 3 hr 50 min


    • Welcome to DreamCatchers 02:29
    • Meet Your Educators 01:09
    • DreamCatchers Quality 00:26
    • Production of DreamCatchers Extensions 00:34
  • 2 SUITCASE 1

    • Unboxing Your Suitcase 02:30

    • Consultation 05:39
    • Cylinder Color Matching 02:20
    • Color Swatch Matching 06:17
    • Station Preparation 02:28
    • Full Point & Half Point I-tip Extensions 03:32
    • Prepping Your Threader 02:40
    • Installation Preparation 03:23
    • Organizing Your Extensions 03:35
    • Sectioning The Hair 03:26
    • Row 1 11:55
    • Row 2 05:11
    • Row 3 05:13
    • Row 4 02:14
    • Row 5 & Cutting/Styling 06:02

    • Adjustment Part 1 05:20
    • Adjustment Part 2 13:28

    • Refusion Instructions 10:49
    • Row by Row Refusion Instructions 15:40

    • Installation 07:15
    • Cutting 03:17

    • Introduction 02:02
    • Adjustment 01:11
    • Washing 03:04
    • Drying 01:25
    • Styling 02:00

    • Installation Preparation 03:21
    • Row 112:19
    • Row 207:33
    • Row 307:04
    • Row 403:12
    • Row 503:01
    • Row 602:34
    • Last Rows for Density 02:38
    • Single Sided Tape 04:22
    • Cutting/Styling 05:56

    • Preparation 01:05
    • Sectioning 00:41
    • Removal 02:11
    • Clarifying The Natural Hair 00:54
    • Removing Old Adhesive 06:29

    • Installation (Back) 03:43
    • Installation (Sides) 01:52
    • Overview of Installation 01:27

    • Short Hair Extension Installation 16:19
  • 12 FINAL STEP3

    • Home Care 06:03
    • Submitting Your Installation Photos 02:59
    • Final step process (I-Tip & Tape) 02:55
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Who is it For?

When you sign up with DreamCatchers you’re getting the deal of a lifetime! Not only do we provide you access to the World’s Best Hair Extensions, but we also provide you with the tools and support to help grow your business.

  • Stylists currently doing hair extensions who want to work with the best
    hair, tools, systems & support in the world.
  • Stylists who want to add extensions to their portfolio to increase
    their income significantly.
  • Celebrity stylists who cannot afford to work with anything less
    than the best.
  • Cosmetology students who want to make big money easily right after
    graduation by doing hair extensions and building an easy to retain
    customer base.
  • Experienced hair extension stylists who want to grow even further
    and become Educators for DreamCatchers.
  • Salon Owners who want to provide their stylists with excellent education,
    systems for retaining customers & the best hair extensions in the world.


See what our certified stylists have to say about
working with DreamCatchers.

Samantha J. TX

Certified DreamCatchers Stylist

When a colleague of mine recommended DreamCatchers I was like - OK, the only way to know if they are good is to try, go through the course and see where this takes me. I did and I didn’t regret it at all! I found the extensions company to work with! The course explains everything in detail and I learned everything about working with the two systems i-tip and tape in super quickly and it is super easy. It’s always that WOW effect when my clients get the final look, plus the quality of the hair is truly amazing and it lasts for years with the regular maintenance. So the quality and the durability are on point, clients are coming back, my income has increased significantly… it’s such a win-win choice! You can’t go wrong with DreamCatchers.

Teressa B. FL

Certified DreamCatchers Stylist

I’ have been a part of the DreamTeam for years. The hair quality is amazing and my guests love the non-damaging systems we use. And what I love the most about DreamCatchers is the wide variety of colors that they offer. So I always find the perfect tones for my clients. With the different hair type options, I don’t have a problem with clients with thinner or shorter hair. In the beginning, I had fewer clients with extensions, but now almost all my appointments are for extensions and adjustments. I recommend this brand to all fellow stylists out there that want to add more services to their portfolio.

Bethany M. CA

Certified DreamCatchers Stylist

I’ve been with DreamCatchers for 4 years now and wouldn’t change them for the world. That hair is simply the best! I’ve tried other brands before and nothing beats the DreamCatchers beautiful hair quality. I’m working with I-tips mainly but on some clients, I use Tape extensions. Both systems are super easy to work with and are non-damaging which is extremely important. Both the I-tips and the tapes blend perfectly and beautifully and last for months and months. Clients love their hair and come for the adjustments and refusions regularly and that’s great for business.

Shannon L. CA

Certified DreamCatchers Stylist

I simply wanted to work with a new hair extensions company that will have my back with good quality hair. I ended up completing a course that turned out to be really useful, found the most amazing hair quality and doubled the appointments in the salon! My guests fell in love with the DreamCatchers extensions and so did I!

Josiane S. NY

Certified DreamCatchers Stylist

I love DreamCatchers for so many reasons! I got my certificate and ordered hair for a friend of mine. The hair was soo beautiful!!! The quality is better than any other extensions I’ve seen and touched. And the systems are so easy to work with. I got used to them really quickly and now most of my clients' appointments are for extension installations and adjustments. I got some DreamCatchers installed on me and I am amazed by the longevity and the feel of the hair month after month. I simply love working with them.

Why DreamCatchers Hair ?

Here at DreamCatchers, we’re all about quality, and we take pride in our hair, just as you do. That’s why we only use 100% Full cuticle hair.

Full Cuticle Hair

The best indicator of hair quality is the intactness of the hair cuticles.

Lasting Over 1 Year

Our extensions are reusable so they can be enjoyed for over 1 year.


Clean, easy and non-damaging. Our systems are incredibly simple, versatile and efficient.

60 Day Warranty

Superior hair. Guaranteed satisfaction.

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