Why choose DreamCatchers?

What kind of hair is DreamCatchers hair?

What is the Quality of DreamCatchers?

Can the Extension hair be colored?

How long do the extensions last?

Where does DreamCatchers hair come from?

What is Remy hair?

What is a cuticle?

Are the Extensions reusable?

Do you offer free shipping?

What are my shipping options?

Where is my order? It hasn’t arrived. What should I do?


Can I treat my extensions the same as my natural hair?

How often do I need maintenance on the extensions?

Why do I need to go to a certified stylist?

Can my natural hair be colored with DreamCatchers extensions in?

Are DreamCatchers sold anywhere else?

Do extensions damage hair?

What is the warranty on the extensions?

Am I stuck with one hairstyle?

How are DreamCatchers attached to my natural hair?

Can the Extensions be removed?

How long does my hair need to be to wear extensions?

How many bundles do I need for my hair?

Am I limited to a certain style?

What if my hair color isn’t on your color swatch?

How do I take care of my extensions? Can I style them?

Will pregnancy or hormonal changes affect my wear of DreamCatchers?

Can I go swimming or partake in water activities?

I have never had extensions! How do I find a stylist?


Can my clients treat their extensions the same as their natural hair?

How often should the DreamCatchers be maintained?

Why do you need to be certified to purchase DreamCatchers Products?

Can the natural hair be colored with the DreamCatchers in?

Do you offer re-tipping?

Are DreamCatchers sold anywhere else?

Will these extensions damage the natural hair?

Are the DreamCatchers Cylinders Reusable?

What is the warranty for my client’s Dreamcatcher extensions?

How are the DreamCatchers attached to my client’s hair?

Can the strands be removed?

How many strands come in a bundle?

Where can I buy DreamCatchers Hair and tools?

Get Certified

Why get Certified with DreamCatchers?

What is the Quality of DreamCatchers?

I already know how to do hair extensions, can I purchase DreamCatchers?

Where can I watch DreamCatchers Videos online?

When will I receive my certificate?

What happens if I don’t pass?

Colors & Styles

How Many Colors do DreamCatchers Offer?

What if I can’t find the right color for my client?