Neal Malek

certified dreamcatchers educator


Neal Malek was born and raised in Central Florida by his mom and his step father. He has been doing hair for 7 years now and often credits finding this gratifying art form with saving his life!

Neal was a 25 year old young man who had finally just found his calling and purpose in life. His career began to soar as big as his passion! He quickly found himself becoming enthralled in social media watching video tutorials to help fine tune his love for the art of hair.

Starting out as an assistant for just 3 quick months, he quickly found himself leveling up at one of the larger retail corporate salons in the Orlando area in central Florida. In that first two years of doing hair, Neal had managed to enter and win 5 different contests that were on national and global levels! Along with 4 Behindthechair OneShot Nominees for things like best wig, festival hair and pastel hair.. Some of the contests he took home first prize in were the Kenra’s simply blonde contest for best ombré’ of the year and the ulta beauty and living proof blowout contest in 2016, but perhaps he is best known for his winning with Pravana show us your vivids contest in 2016 with his “Colors of the wind” inspired work!

This win catapulted neals career into national and global publicity. He found himself in major magazines and has even traveled to the opposite side of the world to Thailand!
Neal paired his love for doing bold and bright vivid hair colors with the creation of his Instagram @Nealmhair where he has reached over 100,000 organic followers and has recently become a verified Instagram account where he has partnered with great brands such as Dream Catchers Hair Extensions, Pravana, Brazilian Bond Builder Leaf and Flower Hair!With instagram coming about, Neal became interested in not only hair, but the photography of hair as well!

Hair has brought new meaning to his life and he couldn’t feel more blessed and grateful. “Finally, I have a purpose in this life and I have found where I can fit in and actually make a difference!” He says. He feels like there’s no other industry and career that would allow him to live up to his full potential as he is now!


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