Melody & Michael Lowenstein

certified dreamcatchers educator


Michael & Melody Lowenstein are award winning stylists and the owners of Ross Michaels Salon in Bremerton Washington.
They are best known for their Pastel, Platinum, and Holographic color creations.
For the last four years they have traveled the country sharing their unique perspective on what it means to be a stylist / colorist, in the constantly changing beauty culture.
With over 60 years combined experience, this husband wife team have a passion to inspire the next generation of stylists to push their boundaries, and challenges them to reach their true potential.
“Our aesthetic has come from our personal style. It is timeless, soft, and fun! Hair is our art, sharing our knowledge and experience is our passion, and family is our foundation.”
Whether behind the chair, on the main stage, or educating the next generation of truly inspired stylists, Michael and Melody are proud to be a part of the Dream Catchers family!


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