Amanda Diambri

certified dreamcatchers educator


Hey rockstars! I am Amanda Diambri, I have been a stylist behind the chair for over 14 years. My passion has been specializing in color, anything from fashion shades, corrective colors, blondes, you name it, i love to create it. I have loved this, but In the last 5 years i wanted to challenge myself and expand my horizons beyond working behind the chair and into education. Adding education to my career has set my passion on fire! I have taught as an independent educator, doing events, salon classes, and one on ones. I have also worked with top companies in the industry doing shows and educating on stage with companies like Pulp Riot.

I am so excited to extend my passion and knowledge to you about everything education, but one area I am most excited about, the world of hair extensions.

Nothing is better than starting with the best, and being here at Dream Catchers couldn’t be a better place to be. I am thrilled to soon meet you all grow your passion, revenue, and career!


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