Why Proper Refusion and Hair Extension Adjustments are Essential for Your Clients

As a hair extensions specialist, you need to help guide clients through the subtle requirements to ensure that the process is easy and seamless. More often than not, deciding to get extensions is an investment for your client, and helping them understand the best hair care techniques can help you stand out and give your clients the comfort that you actually do care in their best interests. Far too often, stylists get branded with the aspect that they are merely trying to sell their clients so it’s refreshing to a guest that “you actually do care” which will take you a long way in this industry, especially with referrals. Today's blog discusses the importance of proper refusion and why hair extension adjustments happen. Keep reading for insight on why taking care of hair extensions is such a vital step in your (and your clients') path to success. 

Help Protect Clients' Natural Hair

The main reason clients must come in for hair extension adjustments and proper refusions is to protect their hair. Both processes are essential to the health of the client's hair and scalp. Regular maintenance is vital, and in addition to a proper install, it is what makes extensions non damaging. Hair extensions are an excellent alternative for clients who wish to change their look but are concerned about potential damage to their hair. Setting up adjustments in the proper time frame is critical to avoid this. Refusion allows the hair that has been holding the extensions to rest–also helps avoid damage.

These processes allow time for proper color and care for your client's natural hair. When the extensions are always in, clients cannot schedule the services needed to maintain their natural hair. Having the maintenance built into their schedule gives them prior notice to the expectations that are required to ensure that their hair-care process allows for the proper care of their natural hair as well as the extensions themselves.


Make Room for Life Experiences

As a hair extension expert, you must make room for the life experiences of your customers and adjust accordingly. For example, say a client decides to take a beach vacation. After she returns, she might require a row-by-row refusion because the beach environment was rougher on her hair. The refusion became necessary to help best protect her hair, so there was enough hair in each section. Making sure clients understand the importance of regular adjustments and revisions can help drive home your benefit to them as a stylist. Adjusting your client's hair care plan as life happens, lets them know you're going the extra mile to ensure their hair is as healthy and beautiful as possible.


One of the biggest mistakes in this industry is not taking the time out to explain in a slow and understanding manner what transpires during an adjustment and refusion and the differences between them:


  1. This is typically done every 4 weeks (with I-tip & Tape) and every 10-12 weeks for K-tip & Wefts. The principal behind it is to move up the extensions so that the stress that has been created by the hair growth is alleviated, in other words the further the hair has grown away from the scalp, the more stress is being applied to the natural growing hair. Not only are these adjustments vital to ensure continued health for the natural hair, but it also gives you the stylist the opportunity to keep “an eye” on your guests and how they are maintaining their extensions.
  2. This is mainly related to I-tip wherein ALL the extensions are removed, and the cylinders are replaced – every second or third adjustment. It is advisable to use your layout sheet for accuracy and re-installation. For K-tips this is when you would be removing them completely, sending them back to DreamCatchers for retipping and installing a new set of K-tips to your guest. For wefts, they will be completely removed, re-sewn with new cylinders attached.


With both of these processes, it is important to explain to your client (especially with refusions) that there is to be expected a fair amount of naturally shedded hair so when the extensions are out, they do not need to be alarmed about how thin their natural hair feels as firstly the extensions are no longer there and secondly the natural hair they would have shedded has now been removed all at one time giving them the distinct concern that somehow the extensions have caused this to be a problem, which is not the case. So, it’s important that this is explained prior to their refusion.

Motivate Clients to Have Good Hair Care Practices 

Taking proper care of hair extensions is the best way to make them last. Letting your clients in on some of the hair-care processes can not only help build some trust with you as their stylist but keep them coming back to you for adjustments and refusions throughout their extension journey. Additionally, you'll be able to consult with clients about their satisfaction surrounding the extensions and help them make decisions moving forwards. At DreamCatchers, we are proud to offer four unique systems: K-Tip, Weft, I-Tip, and Tape. These systems are excellent for customers, but it's essential to make recommendations based on the client's natural hair, maintenance commitment, and desired final look. Discover more about our hair and the nuances between system types when visiting our website.


The rule of $25

Are you looking for an expert styling tip? Some of our hair extension experts and educators implement the rule of $25. This optional policy states that if clients go past eight weeks the price increases by $25. It helps drive in the importance of coming in for regular maintenance to your customers by creating a real incentive for them to come in. This inspires a win-win situation for stylists and customers alike. Stylists can see clients regularly and adjust the extensions in a timely manner and clients can save a little motivated money while ensuring the best possible protection of their hair.


Looking for more DreamCatchers hair extension tips? Check out our blog today. We share information from our experts on all things hair, managing your business, and so much more.