Wesley Palmer on Evolving his Brand as an Expert in Hair Extensions By Joining the DreamCatchers Hair Family

DreamCatchers Hair sat down with hair color expert and influencer Wesley Palmer (@wesdoeshair) to hear more about his experience at the in-person DreamCatchers training. From working with the highest quality hair in the industry to feeling welcomed into the DreamCatchers family, we were excited to have an industry-expert weigh in on the value of our educational training.


DreamCatchers (DC): How has your experience with the DreamCatchers team been so far?

Wesley Palmer (WP): My experience of the DreamCatchers team was unreal - literally out of this world. The educators are masters at their craft and they make sure you leave feeling like a pro. The owner of the company is one of the most passionate guys I’ve ever met and he made sure we all were taken care of. The DreamCatchers team definitely goes above and beyond as a company.

DC: What should stylists expect in the training?

WP:  Stylists who take this class should expect to leave inspired, ready to take on a whole new clientele, and also bring some more money to the salon! They will feel more confident leaving than when they walked in and prepared to add this new service for their clients!

DC: Why should stylists sign up for a DreamCatchers training course?

WP: I think people should sign up because the education was amazing, the hair is incredible, the kit is beautiful, no other company takes the steps I’ve seen them take.

DC: What would you say about the quality of the extensions from this brand?

WP: I have played with a lot of extensions and I don’t think any other company comes close to the hair quality. You can clearly see and feel that this is full cuticle hair. The beauty of that is it gives the added longevity for your guest to enjoy the luxurious luster it provides, way beyond any other brand of hair extensions I’ve come across. Not only is the hair quality the best, but equally as important, the pricing is in keeping with all the other brands.

DC: What skills are you most excited to implement that you learned here today?

WP: I can’t wait to start doing more tapes and wefts! I am now a fully-fledged educator on behalf of DreamCatchers and I’m super excited to be in a position that I can carry this level of education to other stylists. It’s important for me as an educator to recognize that DreamCatchers is bringing new and innovative technology in the near future that takes hair dressing to a new level, so stay tuned!

Everyone should stay tuned - DreamCatchers is excited to launch our wefting education program!

DC: What’s something that might be surprising to someone who hasn’t worked with extensions before?

WP: The most surprising thing about this was how easy it actually is. Yes, it takes some practice, but, coming from somebody who had never done them, I thought it was easy and the educators walk you through every step of the process. 

DC: What excites you most about working with DreamCatchers? 

WP: I’m excited to be a part of a family, a team of motivated stylists, a group of people ready to take over the industry. The relationships I’ve built here, not only with their educators but the other influencers/stylists that attended will be with me for years to come. There is an awesome vibe between all of us and the continued communication and excitement is off the charts.


To stay up to date with Wesley Palmer and our continued collaboration with him, be sure to follow him on Instagram! We are thrilled to expand our family and include such a dynamic voice in the industry. We’re looking forward to seeing all the amazing ways our educators utilize our world-class extensions to set style trends that truly showcase their artistry. For information about our next training course, check out our website today!