Unlock Excellence: What We’ve Added to Improve the Dreamcatchers' Hair Extension Training Experience

When someone mentions DreamCatchers hair, they are likely speaking on the pristine quality of our hair extensions or the vast educational opportunities through our hair extension training program. These two fundamental components of our business have set us apart from competitors in every regard.

Not only do we want every DreamCatchers hair stylist to have access to the world’s highest quality hair extensions and stylist tools, but we also aim to empower individuals to expand their skill set and thrive. By joining one of our educational courses, you will become certified in hair extensions and leave with the knowledge of how to install the highest quality and trending products your clients are asking for. Here are ways we have improved the Dreamcatchers’ hair extension training experience:

Learn from expert stylists when you attend the DreamCatchers Hair Extension Training Experience 


Comprehensive Curriculum From Extension Experts

With our curriculum, you will come to learn that we cover all aspects of hair extensions, including: installation, maintenance, cutting and styling, and at home care of extensions. By going through multiple installation processes and extension types, stylists gain a diverse understanding of how they can implement hair extensions in their day-to-day business needs.

No matter what a customer might be looking for, anyone who has attended one of our hairstylist training experiences will have extensive knowledge of the different systems and all of the pros and cons related to each. This comprehensive curriculum is ultimately to the benefit of your future customers as you become an expert in educating, installing and helping maintain the always stunning DreamCatchers extensions. The DreamCatchers team has created a dynamic training course that makes learning the material engaging, useful and easy to follow.


Choose How To Learn with Online and In-Person Training Available

Due to the challenging circumstances of the last year, DreamCatchers is proud to provide online and in-person training courses that best fit the needs of our community. Our online education is an excellent resource for anyone who might be more comfortable in training from home. We have recently created new online training videos that are more user friendly that we can’t wait to launch in the coming weeks. Stay up-to-date with virtual training opportunities by signing up for our newsletter here.

Additionally, we have breathed new life into our hands-on, in-person training keeping all health recommendations from the CDC in mind. If you prefer in-depth demonstration and the ability to ask questions to an expert in real-time, we highly recommend signing up for an in  hands-on-training course. These classes are limited in capacity and Covid-19 compliant with social distancing, temperature checks and required mask-wearing. The health of our stylists and educators remains a top priority for the DreamCatchers team and we are excited to provide you with world-class educational opportunities, safely.


Coming Soon to Our Hairstylist Training Program: Wefting and K-Tip Education

With the latest trends always on our mind, we are thrilled to announce that we will soon have the addition of wefting and k-tip extensions to our education program. This exciting expansion of our education program is set to launch in April of this year. Our top priority is to give stylists the most holistic education that touches on industry trends and stays relevant to the direction the public is moving in the world of hair extensions. By staying above the latest trends, we quickly help all our stylists become experts in whatever comes next.

To find more information about the course schedule or to sign up for the next class in your area, head to our education portal to claim your spot. Our courses are available all over the country so be sure to check often for new class announcements, training cities, salon partnerships, influencer takeovers and more. This is an exciting opportunity you do not want to miss!