Quick Guide to Professional Hair Extensions Methods in 2020 - TAPE

Why Tape?

The old additive in the hair industry always has been and always will be “time is money” and this is particularly for the stylist that has a full book and in high demand. The tape hair extensions method is the fastest system to apply (a typical head of 5 bundles can and should be done in around 40 minutes) and when working in a busy salon this is a huge advantage. Plus, you can command the same price points as you can with other systems so it is the best of both worlds, a much quicker system to install, and yet it renders the same financial returns.


There are a number of advantages to the tape system


The average width of a regular tape is 2” and so you will use these as building blocks to apply in rows kind of like a bricklayer would. So not only is it a relatively easy system to install but due to the size of each extension, it covers the head more rapidly, and therein lies the secret to quick installation. Various suppliers offer different numbers of extensions per bundle, some offering 10 sandwiches – or 20 individual tapes (in this case a sandwich is two pieces of tape attached with the natural hair in-between i.e. a completed install) and some companies offer 5 sandwiches – or 10 individual tapes. Always be on the lookout for a company that rather offers you 5 sandwiches as opposed to 10. The benefit in this case is that you get a wider palette choice. For example, an average head should hold 25 sandwiches and so if you were purchasing from a company that offered 10 sandwiches per bundle you would be limited to a maximum of 3 shades whereas the company that offers you 5 sandwiches gives you a greater option of shades and this is prudent when dealing with blondes in particular. More often than not a blonde will have more shades than most with the underneath colors being darker and the outer shades being lighter and more sun-kissed. So, the more variety you have in color, the easier you will find it to satisfy your clients’ requirements. However, as with most aspects in life be aware of price differences because a 5 pack of sandwiches should be half the price of a 10 pack but some companies will take advantage of an inexperienced stylist and charge way more on the ratio between 5 to 10 sandwiches.


Because of the nature of tape, it allows you to go higher on the cranial area thus giving better coverage however always be aware that you run the risk of going too high on the scalp and making the tape visible which can be inconvenient and embarrassing to your guest.

Also keep in mind that the tape allows you to create "custom size" wefts and this is particularly an advantage when installing in areas like the temple. For example you wouldn't put a 2" size weft in these specific areas so to reduce visibility and add comfort to the client you would typically cut these in half or quarters, making it far more accommodating for the client. Always remember that your work is going to be on constant display and a satisfied client is your best "mouth piece: so when you client feels excited for the end result, there is no doubt she will be your walking talking billboard. In our experience a good install should render you at least 2 referrals thus promoting your work on your behalf.


Proper hair extensions removal is crucial for your client's natural hair health and it also allows you to reuse the hair in the most efficient and money saving way. Here is a video of how to properly remove Tape hair extensions and preserve them until it is time to reattach. 


With regards to removal of the tape, there are two specific solutions that need to be used. The first being a simple tape removal which in affect is sprayed onto the tape, thus loosening it and releasing it from the clients natural hair. However in most cases there will be some residue left over and in order to remove this effectively most companies offer a citrus infused solution which does an incredibly good job of cleansing the hair thoroughly. However be aware of the fact that due to its nature it will require multiple washes to remove it and in these cases we would recommend that you use a clarifying shampoo.



Being in the beauty industry is by far the best career, as we know there are so many avenues that we can take, but at the end of the day, we do what we do because we love it, we make others look good, and feel good, and we make good money.