Hybrid Hair Extensions Installation - with both I-tip and Tape Extensions

Dorothy is a head educator at DreamCatchers and in this video she shows how you can combine I-tip and Tape extensions in a very detailed installation video and she is also blending 5 different colors. 

Check out the final look!

So what we did on Yenni is called a hybrid method with that being said we used two different methods not just one sole. The reason for this is we are trying to get a very dimensional look, lots of movement, a lot of density. So with Yenni we used 5 different colors. I-tips with the OM-00 (which is an ombre) and we also used colors

DC-1, DC-4, DC-6 and DC-7.

With her cylinders we used the black cylinders and everything was full point.

Now come look at our great end result.

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