DreamCatchers Recap: What to Expect When You Attend a Stylist Education Training

At DreamCatchers, we are proud to offer our stylist education training all across the country to equip stylists with the skills they need to take their business to the next level. Not only do you become an expert at installing hair extensions, but you also build bonds with other industry professionals that last a lifetime and stay ahead of the latest trends. With classes available both in-person and online, there’s never been a better time to invest in your career. Learn a new skill or refresh this area of expertise by signing up today.


Become an Expert in Hair Extensions by Attending Our Stylist Education Training

Whether you’ve been installing hair extensions professionally for years or you are looking to add a new skill set to your professional offering, we recommend all DreamCatchers stylists take part in our stylist education training. In this industry continuing education is essential and the world of extensions are no exceptions. As stylists, we must evolve with the industry and stay on top of the latest installation techniques. Learn alongside experts in an environment created to help you thrive. Expect to get an updated education on i-tips and tape and learn advanced tips and tricks to use behind the chair. Even better, starting in April, we are offering K-Tip and hand-tied wefts. Keep your services competitive with the latest trends by attending the next course hosted in your city! 

Throughout the stylist education training course, you will gain the combined knowledge of several master extension artists and educators and gain a community of stylists just like you. We provide our core training with updated tips and tricks plus our new education on k-tips and wefts. A course to cover all 4 major methods of extensions is invaluable. Rather than attending multiple training sessions - which costs you more time and money - you gain that knowledge simply by attending one of our DreamCatchers’ training sessions. You don’t have to go to multiple companies and take multiple classes and spend thousands of dollars to gain all that knowledge, we will provide all of that to you. Plus our stylists are constantly training and acquiring more knowledge so that we can continue to provide the best to our dream team.


Stay Up-to-Date on the Latest Industry Trends

So many things have been added to the online training and in-person classes since the start of Dreamcatchers. While the foundation of our training stays the same, as with anything, we have evolved with the growing trends. In this industry, the trends change year by year, and our knowledge of hair, tools, color, and the scope of what is possible grows all the time. So we have focused very hard this year on renewing and refreshing our education program to meet the needs of this ever-growing industry.


Discover a Community of Supportive Professionals

Joining the DreamCatchers’ family is life-changing! Gain priceless knowledge and make connections with amazing stylists from east to west, south and Midwest and all in between, Unlock a community of support who will uplift and encourage you long after the stylist education training concludes. “We have all supported each other, sharing knowledge and triumphs, etc. I am so eternally grateful to dreamcatchers for this opportunity and I want to pass that along and share it with others in my industry.” - DreamCatchers Stylist and Educator