Dimensional Highlights Effect with Hair Extensions - No Chemicals used!

We have mentioned many times that extensions have a wide variety of usage and you only are limited to your imagination.

We all know the damage that can be created by adding chemicals to the natural hair and extended applications can create the hair to become dry, brittle, breakage and unmanageable so then WHY use them? When you can get the same effect with extensions whether it be for highlights or lowlights. Plus, the guest gets the advantage of added volume, so simply drop in 25-50 of the desired colors and you have an instant result without all the foiling and processing time.

The attached video gives you a rendering of just how amazing the results can be and once again, we would love your comments and input. different colors to create this amazing highlights effect look without using any bleach.



As you can see not only is the end result amazing, but it gives such a natural look because during the process she placed the darker shades underneath, and the more sunkissed, lighter shades on the outer layer and then by alternating them she gets this natural, warm, blended look, which most guests would die for! ☠️ Not only is it trendy but it just shows a little bit of imagination can go a long way.


 MODEL: Kendra

Dorothy used 5 bundles of 24" DreamCatchers I-tip Extensions

 The result is amazing and she did it without using any chemicals


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