Set Goals for 2022 by Expanding Your Services with DreamCatchers


 As we enter the new year, it's time to start thinking about how you want to expand your business as a hair extension specialist. As stylists, it's essential to keep evolving your business to ensure your clients keep coming back to you for expert services plus the latest trends time after time. From expanding your skillset to attending training to networking with professionals in the industry, there are so many ways to keep chasing your success goals for 2022 and see profit come back to you in the meantime. Here are three key ways you can push yourself as we enter the new year with DreamCatchers.


Include All Four Hair Extension Types to Maximize Client Satisfaction

At DreamCatchers, we are proud to offer four of the most sought-after extension types in the industry. Our hair--which is always the highest quality--makes every install for every client successful. Our extension types ensure each client leaves with the exact kind of system they desire. 

K-Tip System

K-tips are ideal for fine to medium-haired clients and provide maximum versatility and movement. K-Tip Extensions, also known as Keratin tip, is an individual extension applied using a heating tool. The downside is that they cannot be reused, although that is not the case with DreamCatchers because we offer retipping on our K-tips.

Weft System


Dreamcatchers' wefting system is a single weft of hair that is sewn in through a beaded foundation. Our wefts are 30 grams - 11" wide and are delicate but durable. They mimic a hand-tied weft in that they are ultra-thin and can be cut giving the best of both worlds. 

I-Tip System

I-Tip is an individual extension system that does not use heat, glue, sewing, or braiding. It uses a small patented cylinder to crimp the extensions onto the natural hair. They are damage free, re-usable and are easy to maintain. They are also perfect for regular and or fragile hair.

Tape System

 The tape extensions are very quick and easy to apply while laying extremely flat to the scalp. No extra tools are required to install this system besides a sectioning comb making it a quick and easy installation. These too can be re-used by simply replacing the tape.


Another plus, because we are in partnership with one of the largest hair collectors in the world, we can sell hair to stylists at a low price without sacrificing quality. This creates a unique business opportunity as you can purchase hair at wholesale prices and implement multiple types of extensions into your business offering.

Attend an In-Person, Hands-On Training to Learn New Skills 



We are so thrilled to offer one of the best hair installation trainings in the industry in cities all over the country. With the slowing of COVID we are now in a position to offer “hands-on trainings” where you will be educated by experts in the field. This is invaluable to your craft, not only are you learning new install types and techniques, but you're also able to ask questions at the moment as they arise, enriching your learning experience even more. We have trainings available for all install types. Whether you're new to extensions or want to refresh these skills as we enter the new year, you’ll leave with a skill set and understanding of all things extensions. We have two one-day classes, Day 1 offers I-tip & Tape and Day 2 offers K-tip & Weft so you can elect to do whichever system is more appealing or both days which covers all 4. 


Join Us on Facebook to Expand Your Professional Community 

When you join us for one of our trainings, you also gain access to our exclusive online community on Facebook with direct access to hundreds of stylists and industry experts. Not only are you able to Network and find potential events, work, and so much more, but you will also find a community of support and encouragement. Every #DreamTeam stylist is driven, enthusiastic, and supportive of each other's success. We love seeing the ways our stylists and educators continue to learn and grow from one another long after training is complete. Please find out more about our exclusive training perks today.
No matter how you are trying to thrive in 2022, we have steps to achieve them. We know how to push your career to new heights with more training, more extension types, and more support. Discover ways DreamCatchers can help your business thrive by following us on Instagram!