Are Before & After Client Photos Important? DreamCatchers Answers:


We've all seen before and after pictures on Instagram, but you might be wondering, are taking these photos good for my business? We at DreamCatchers are here to shed some light on just how impactful showcasing your transformations can be. From getting great engagement on your social media channels, tracking client progress over time, and helping educate future clients and stylists, there are so many good reasons to add before and after photos to your process. Please keep reading to learn more about how before and afters can help and some social media tips on incorporating them creatively.

Social Media Engagement

It's the age-old saying–a picture is worth a thousand words–and it couldn't be more accurate when it comes to hair extensions. The number one way to show off your talent as a DreamCatchers extensions expert is to showcase your success stories on social media platforms. Not only can this act as your portfolio, but it also allows potential customers to view your work and land business. Additionally, adding before and after photos enables you to engage with clients. Make the client feel special by tagging them in social posts and story slides. Not only does it give them a moment to shine, but you'll also be able to tap into their online audience if they reshare, creating a domino effect of viewership on your posts. Claim your real estate online by staying engaged and showing how dramatically extensions can change someone's entire style.

Show Progress Over Time

Photos act as a style time-capsule. Over time, clients may decide to ditch their extensions for another style. Having photos of past styles can be a great way to remind customers how happy they were with extensions and potentially make a sale. Not to mention, showcase more literal changes like length, fullness, and volume. Cataloging a client's journey can also show your versatility as a stylist. Don’t forget a major contributing factor of using extensions is to utilize them for highlights and or lowlights thus replacing the use of harsh and damaging chemicals. This is a great opportunity by displaying photos of how impactful and versatile extensions can be when used correctly and contribute towards the wide range of creative ideas they offer.

Help Educate Clients & Other Stylists on Process and Quality 

Before and after photo sets can also act as an education tool. Through the images, you can explain the process of what you did, how you did it, why you did it. By showcasing your work in this way, you'll also be able to point out the hair's quality in action. Show clients how seamlessly it blended, how natural the extensions appear, how much depth the 100% full cuticle DreamCatchers hair added, and more. Ultimately, image series can educate other stylists or your clients and help them gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the process and products used. 

Take Advantage of Trends 

Applications like Tik-Tok and Instagram (specifically Reels) constantly push viral content. Stay in the know by engaging with other stylists and seeing how they utilize transformation videos to their advantage online. Start building community by being in-tune with the kind of content your customers engage with and respond to. Use hashtags to tap into audiences and help users find your content. By posting and staying ahead of trends, you'll be able to maximize your digital presence. And who knows, you're latest before and after installation could become the next viral video customers can't wait to send their friends.


Don’t forget another huge advantage of becoming a DreamCatchers stylist is not only do we assist you in our training manual with regards to social media engagement but we also provide you with an all-important “selfie stick” with a remote control giving you countless options and unique angles for both photo and video content.

So are before and after photos worth it? Yes, without question. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for inspiration and tag us in your transformation photos. We can't wait to see and share the creative ways you show off your work.