Which Extension Type is Right for My Customer?

 A Quick Guide on DreamCatchers Hair. 

At DreamCatchers, we are passionate about providing stylists all over the US with the highest quality hair extensions. That’s why our hair is always 100% Remy, full-cuticle hair, always available in the four most popular systems. Whether I-tip, Tape, K-Tip, or Weft, we guarantee that our hair quality ensures your clients can enjoy long-lasting, reusable, luxurious extensions. We know that offering an excellent product creates an even more positive service experience for your clients. This, in turn, helps clients feel confident and beautiful, causing them to be loyal to you, their hair extension expert.



Because you, as a stylist, service people with all different hair types, lifestyles, and needs, it’s critical to make decisions and recommendations on a client-to-client basis. Because providing a good experience is essential to every installation, you must have expert-level knowledge of every extension type. By having this knowledge, you open yourself up to more business by being able to provide hair services to a large group of people, no matter what they might be looking for when getting extensions. Keep reading for advice on determining when it is appropriate to use each extension type and some key facts about each type. By being informed, you’ll also be able to set your clients up for ultimate satisfaction. 

I-Tip Hair Extensions 


I-Tip extensions are perfect for clients who don’t want the use of adhesives. Because I-Tip is suitable for all hair types, this extension type is highly versatile and is available in full and half points. Half points are the perfect solution for fine-haired clients. They can also be used for fine-highlighting effects. These extensions are reusable for up to a year (or longer) with proper care & maintenance. This beautiful extension has complete 360° movement & mobility, giving a completely natural hair look and feel. I-Tip Hair extensions are perfect for clients who wear their hair up & have active lifestyles. 

Tape-In Hair Extensions


Tape-in hair extensions require the least installation time, making them ideal for clients who want a fast application. DreamCatchers offers single-sided and double-sided tape-in extensions suitable for all hair types. Tape-in extensions are also reusable for up to a year with proper care and maintenance. Single Sided tape-ins are ideal for fine-haired clients because they enhance their natural look without creating too much weight. These extensions can also be cut in half for face-framing purposes or highlighting effects. The best way to maintain the effectiveness and integrity of the adhesive, is not to use them on clients who have highly active lifestyles especially activities that make you sweat a lot, including swimmers, etc. Also prevent using any products that might be alcohol based as this can breakdown the adhesive. 

DreamCatchers Weft Hair Extensions


You might be asking, what is a weft? A hair weft is a collection of hair strands woven onto a fine strip of fabric or a weft. Specifically, DreamCatcher’s offers a machine-tied weft that is both delicate and strong. Wefts are highly customizable and can be cut to the size of the head and section you are working with, without the risk of shedding, unlike hand-tied wefts. DreamCatcher’s wefting method is installed using a cylinder foundation, and the cylinders are made of a copper-aluminum emulsion with a silicone lining. The silicone lining protects the client’s natural hair while wearing the weft system. Wefts are great for customers who want a relatively fast, highly customizable hair extension option to protect their natural hair. 

K-Tip Hair Extensions



A Keratin-tip, also known as K-Tip, is an individual strand of extension applied and bonded to the natural hair using a heat source. The K-Tip bonding material is a keratin and Italian resin-based adhesive. When applied, a heating tool safely melts the keratin bond to the natural hair to be molded around the section. K- Tips are ideal for all hair types and are highly customizable to each client, as the tips of the extension can be cut to any shape and size desired. K-tip is excellent for clients who want to wear their hair up and achieve natural movement. 

Get Certified in Every Extension Type


And don’t forget: you can become a certified hair extension expert with DreamCatchers. We offer thousands of courses each year, online and in person, that deep dive into the application process and other tips for success as a stylist and business owner. Whether you’re a beginner, or a professional looking for a refresher, each course is packed with valuable information developed by our hair experts. Confidently service hair extension clients and see how this skill set can transform your business. Check out our course schedule here. 

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