The Importance of Education as a Stylist

 (And how DreamCatchers can Help)


While DreamCatchers is mostly known for supplying the industry with the highest quality, full-cuticle Remy hair at the best price, education has also always been a pillar of our business. Whether it’s learning the most cutting-edge hair systems, refreshing your extension skills, or sharing new trends and techniques with fellow stylists, we deeply value the importance of continued learning. In this blog, find tips and resources about how you can stay up to date and in the know with help from your favorite extension company–DreamCatchers.


  1. Sign up for a Certification Course


One excellent way to keep things fresh is to expand your list of services. At DreamCatchers, we make becoming an extensions expert easy, no matter how you like to learn. We offer hands-on, in-person certification courses for i-tip, tape, k-tip, and weft all over the country. Check out this page to find the next course in your area. Prefer learning online? You can purchase an at-home course for any of the extension types to receive your certification. Get comprehensive training from experts. You’ll feel confident and ready to add extensions to your list of services in no time.



  1. Check out our Education Hub


We also have tons of educational content hosted on our Education Hub and free tutorials on our Youtube Channel outside of getting certified. We take deep dives into all the most popular processes, styles, and more from learning more about extensions, achieving volume, and everything in between.


  1. Follow Creators You Admire


We live in the internet and information age. There’s a whole new world of connection right at your fingertips with social media. Whether on Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook, you have access to thousands of free resources simply by following and keeping up with your favorite users. We highly recommend following hair stylists, influencers, brands, and individuals posting valuable, relevant content that strengthens your voice and brand as a stylist.


  1. Join the Conversation


Another huge benefit of becoming part of the DreamCatchers family is getting access to our exclusive Facebook group. In the group, you can ask other industry experts for advice, get questions answered, and network with other stylists and educators. This is a great place to let your curiosity blossom and get responses from some of the best in the industry.



  1. Is this affordable?


We suggest all stylists do in-depth research on the pricing and the level of education that can be received. There are several companies that offer trainings for extensions, but this can prove to be very costly, and the level of education can be questionable. DreamCatchers has always had the approach to make the certification affordable coupled with the highest level of education possible. Their general principal unlike most other hair extension companies is to not make money out of the education but rather make it affordable to all stylists and future stylists. Furthermore, the scope of accessories and tools that you receive is more than adequate in fact, it goes beyond what is needed for hair extension installation. So not only will you be impressed with the pricing, the quality of hair but more importantly the level of education you will receive.



  1. Stay up to date with DreamCatchers


Our goal is that each stylist who interacts with our brand feels empowered, prepared, and confident in their ability to offer exceptional service to their clients. Because of this, we are always learning, listening, and updating our services to best match the needs of our loyal customers. Additionally, we are constantly looking for the latest trends, so our users are the first to know.


Education is key to not staying stagnant. The more you learn, the more you grow, the more you practice, and the more money you can make. Trends are ever-changing, and it’s vital for the growth of your business to stay up to date–and DreamCatchers is here to help you do exactly that.


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