How DreamCatchers Hair Extensions Can Transform Your Chemical Services


Have you ever had a client eager to make a drastic change to their hair color but at the same time feel nervous about damaging their natural hair? This is a common experience, so many clients have, and DreamCatchers hair extensions might be the answer they've been looking for. Today's blog discusses how extensions can change how you–the extensions expert and stylist–treat chemical services behind the chair. 


By adding extensions to add color and create dimension, you'll be able to minimize the number of chemical services needed and, in some instances, avoid chemical treatments to clients' natural hair altogether. Keep reading for more tips on utilizing extensions to make all the wildest hair color transformation dreams come true. 

Less Bleach, More Luxury 


Adding hair extensions is a great way to make chemical services more accessible. Instead of achieving their desired color by bleaching their natural hair, you can bleach the hair extension, which is attractive to clients. More exact and brighter colors can be achieved with less damage to the natural hair. If someone is too afraid to bleach, offering extensions in any of our four systems can ease that fear. By starting with the extension, you also have more control over the final color result. You quickly get a firmer grasp of what's needed to achieve custom colors. 

Add Depth By Layering Colors

Even if a client isn't seeking a drastic change, hair extensions can add the dimension that completely transforms someone's look. An example of this might be a dark-haired client who wants to add dimension. DreamCatchers extensions add that dimension to hair that's more flat by feathering in lighter shades to create a lot of depth.

Make Your Brights Brighter

Because you can experiment more easily without the risk of damage, i-tips or wefts can achieve brighter, poppier colors. This allows you to be even bolder with color, choosing stunning brights and making color customizations to fit your client's needs. Extensions also hold and absorb color longer, which is very attractive to clients. They are achieving a better result and one that lasts longer. 

Dare to Be Imaginative

With less risk to a client's natural hair, there's room to experiment. Clients can not only change their color and style more frequently, but they're also able to be bold. You can easily collaborate with your clients to achieve whimsical and imaginative techniques, but you can also flex your creativity. Our DreamTeam influencers constantly push color and style boundaries, creating the hottest hair trends. Extensions empower clients and stylists alike to strive for beautiful results with that slight edge that will leave everyone asking who did your hair?! 



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