Achieve the Perfect Winter 2022 Hairstyles with Help from DreamCatchers

Changing a hairstyle is an easy way to make a significant change not only in your look but a boost to your overall confidence, and with DreamCatchers its as easy as visiting your certified stylist. Take advantage of this opportunity as most clients are inspired to switch up their everyday look as the seasons change. Even so, your clients might be nervous about committing to bleaching or dying, which is where DreamCatchers comes into play (why not use a pack or two to add highlights or lowlights instead of using harsh chemicals and the added bonus is you get extra volume – easy and quick to install yet the results are stunning). Our hair extensions help protect hair while simultaneously making a significant impact on clients' hairstyles and colors. Below we share some of the latest trends for winter 2022 Hairstyles, made possible with DreamCatchers. 

Color Trends for Winter 2022 Hairstyles


Photo: sandrakliciute_hair

As we settle into winter 2022, clients might be looking to you--their trusted stylist--for insights on the latest hair trends. According to Hair by L'oreal, on-trend shades include ginger, ash blonde, deep brown, and gray. Help your clients express their style without the fear of using the harsh chemicals associated with hair-dying. At DreamCatchers, we offer every hair-color imaginable in our extensions. In addition to a wide color range, Stylists can layer and stack different shades to create custom colors and looks. Your clients will be so impressed with the quality of our hair and feel confident as they find their perfect winter look. 

Find the Perfect Extensions for your Clients

DreamCatchers offers an extension style for every type of customer and every request no matter how unique those requests are. Once your client decides on their color, you'll be able to provide them with the perfect hair extension system to best compliment their vision.  I-tips are ideal for fine to medium-haired clients and provide maximum versatility and movement giving a seamless and yet comfortable transition. Dreamcatchers'  Weft Extensions are one of our most unique systems rendering a flat undetectable install and our wefts are 30 grams - 11" wide and are delicate but durable. K-Tips are also perfect for regular and or fragile hair and with DreamCatchers you have the added bonus that these can be re-tipped extending their usage. Tape extensions are very quick and easy to apply while laying extremely flat to the scalp. No extra tools are required to install this system besides a sectioning comb making it a quick and easy installation. Your client will appreciate the versatility our extensions offer them and your care and attention as their stylist to help them achieve their dream look.

Be Prepared for Installs by Attending Training


Ready to take winter styling by storm but need the extension's expertise to make it happen? DreamCatchers is proud to offer in-person and online extensions training covering all four of our systems. Whether you need a refresher or learning extensions for the first time, our community of educators is ready to give you the hands-on training plus you have the amazing addition for immediate assistance from thousands of other stylists with our DreamCatchers Stylist Circle where you will be offered advice, tips, and tricks from other DC stylists who will assist you to navigate unique ideas and designs. So why not add extensions to your repertoire this winter and beyond. Clients will fall in love with our hair and even more so with your service as their stylist once completing your hair extensions certification (and take advantage of our 50% discount on your first order which has no limits). Gain insights from industry experts and new skills that will take your business to the next level.


DreamCatchers loves seeing our family of stylists show their creativity, and with winter 2022 in full swing, we can't wait to see how you make this season your own. Help clients find newfound confidence by making their hair dreams come true with the help of DreamCatchers Extensions.



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