5 Tips on How to Stay On Top of 2023 Hair Extension Social Media Trends


2023 is in full swing, and you might have established some goals you would like to achieve professionally over the next several months. At the heart of a successful business is often a rock-solid social media plan, and following trends is a great way to expand your audience. Last summer, we launched the DC Media Library–found here–which serves many of you as your go-to for all things social, but today we are taking that next step further. By planning and being aware of how to find and capitalize off trends, your social media strategy is instantly strengthened by pushing your brand to a broader, more engaged audience. Here are five essential tips to stay on top of the latest 2023 social media trends. 



  1. Follow Popular Creators

In the last few years, we have seen the rise of many prominent influencers. The hair extension world is no different, and many hair and beauty creators quite literally set and promote the hottest trends. Following some of your favorites will open you up to a constant stream of inspiration and be the first to see new trends take flight. Many of these creators also use social media as their full-time gig, so it’s their job to promote the hottest products and styles and participate in the latest trends. Make sure you follow DreamCatchers on Instagram and TikTok as we continually post new, fun content we love seeing you all interact with.



  1. Do Your Research

Did you know on Instagram, not only can you follow creators, you can follow hashtags as well? By spending a few moments each week browsing the hashtag, you’re getting the latest buzz around the topics most important to you. We recommend following these hashtags and drawing inspiration from them weekly: #hairextensions #DreamCatchersHair #hairtrends #hairstyleinspo #hairstylistbuzz. Even on sites where you can’t follow hashtags, taking a few minutes each week to browse them is a great way to connect to popular posts surrounding the topic and interact with content from creators you might not necessarily follow (and vice versa). Utilizing different pathways to discovery will keep your feed fresh, up-to-date, and filled with the hottest trends.


  1. Know the Strengths of Each Platform

With so many social media sites, you must know how to use each to your utmost advantage best. It’s essential to have a basic understanding of each social media platform to best plan your content around what works. On Instagram, you can share photos and videos to your grid, post Reels, Stories, and much more. TikTok is all about video, and there are higher chances of your content going viral. Pinterest is a great place to curate mood boards and share images. Regardless of your posting platform, it’s super important to publish high-quality content that reflects you as a business owner and brand. This is where the DC Media Library can also come in extremely handy. Browse hundreds of images and video content, completely free for you to use. Make sure to check out this blog to get a refresher on how the DC Media Library works, and start creating today.



  1. Collaborate With Other Stylists

What’s better than one person coming up with new and exciting ideas for social media? Multiple people are coming up with those ideas. By collaborating with other stylists, not only are you gaining the benefit of their following, but you’re also creating an opportunity to brainstorm and bounce ideas off another professional in our industry. Collaborating is a great way to push your ideas to the next level and market your business to a broader audience.


  1. Don’t Wait to Post

If there’s one thing that is true about social media, it’s constantly changing. When you tap into a viral trend or want to capitalize on a popular hashtag, it’s essential to do so as soon as possible. Being one of the first people to hop onto a trend is a great way to garner attention and engagement. By understanding that time is of the essence, you’ll be able to take advantage of the hottest trends without ever being late to the party.


Social media is a powerful tool, and we can’t wait to see how it helps you grow your business in the next year. We hope these tips today come in handy as you plan your next Instagram post or viral video. Be sure to connect with us on our Instagram and TikTok so that we can follow you on your journey to social media greatness.