5 Steps Every DreamCatchers Client Consultation Should Include for Success


Client consultation before a DreamCatchers extension installation is crucial in the process. It’s the moment you and your client can start drilling down the details of their hair expectations and set some goals for their appointment. It’s also your chance to flex your expertise as an extensions expert and help your client bring their vision to life. We’ve consulted with our army of expert stylists and have come up with five steps you’ll want to complete for a successful consultation.

1. Understand your client’s goals

This is the beginning stage of your journey with your client. It’s an essential first step to take a few minutes to get to know and understand what your client is looking for. From the length, style, and color to desired maintenance, current hair routine, and more, this is the time to start understanding what your client is looking for in addition to their hair-care habits.

2. Take before photos

Documenting the process is a great way to track the transformation and your skills as an extensions artist. Not only can this help set expectations for future clients and installation sessions, but it’s also a great way to start cataloging your client’s styles as a reference for both you and them. Not to mention, you’ll be able to share your fantastic work on social media and potentially attract new clients.

3. Have an open dialogue

The consultation is the perfect opportunity to have an open conversation with your client. Ask them questions about their desired look to gain clarity about their desired results. In turn, create an open forum for them also to ask questions. By clearing up any confusion surrounding the service, product, and or process, you’ll build trust between you and the client. Additionally, you’ll have a deeper understanding of expectations for the installation. It’s also an excellent time to discuss the nuances among the extension types–weft, k-tip, i-tip, and tape–to best suit your clients’ hair needs.

4. Show samples

Allow your client to gain a deep understanding of the extensions. From letting them see colors on your swatch to showing the differences between the install types, the customer should gain a deep understanding of the hair’s quality. Additionally, seeing the hair in real life helps the client gain perspective. For example, someone might think they want the longest length until you hold it up to them, and they decide that it is too long. Or you may hold up the 20 inches, and they decide they want longer. Ensure the client is aware DreamCatchers’ hair is 100% full cuticle Remy hair. We must maintain the sense of excellence DreamCatchers is known for. Luckily for us, our product speaks for itself, so don’t miss an opportunity to impress and ease the mind of your clients.

5. Be honest and realistic 

Your client is coming to you as a hair extensions expert. Be prepared to make real-time recommendations based on your client’s needs, hair type, desired style, and more. It’s important to be realistic about what’s possible to not over-promise a style that is not compatible with your client. Ultimately, this will result in better installs. Showcasing your eye and taste level will only help your clients gain trust as you bring their visions to life. 



The client consultation truly sets the tone of the entire extensions process. Going into each session with a creative, critical mind will help set expectations that help people’s hair dreams come alive.


Do you have any other steps to your consultation process you’d like to share with our DreamCatcher community? Share your tips online by using the hashtag #DreamTeamTips so other stylists can join in on your conversation and gain knowledge. We can’t wait to see you continue to crush your appointments and keep your clients 100% satisfied.