Can I treat my extensions the same as my natural hair?

As long as you follow your Dreamcatcher hair care instructions you can feel confident that you and your Dreamcatcher will be very happy together!!!

How often should the Dreamcatchers be maintained?

Every 4-6 weeks depending on your natural growth and your stylist’s profession opinion. Your Dreamcatcher must be maintained by a certified Dreamcatcher stylist otherwise you will lose the warranty on your hair!

Why do I need to go to a certified stylist?

Our Dreamcatchers are an elite product and before making this investment in yourself, it is important to have a qualified technician apply them. Our certified stylists have gone through specific training to ensure that the integrity and the health of the natural hair stays in tack. They understand in detail the procedure of not only installing your beautiful extensions, but also how to maintenance and (if needed) color your natural hair while wearing your Dreamcatchers.

Can the natural hair be colored with the Dreamcatchers in?

Absolutely! When the time comes to color your natural hair please schedule your appointment with your Dreamcatchers stylist to make sure the process is done properly.

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Are Dreamcatchers sold anywhere else?

Dreamcatchers hair can only be purchased and installed by a Certified Dreamcatcher stylist. Please call (855)THE-SALON or visit our ONLINE SALON LOCATOR To find the closest stylist near you!

Will these extensions damage the natural hair?

With Dreamcatchers you can put your mind at ease. This is the safest individual system on the market today. As long as they are properly maintained every 4-6 weeks by your certified Dreamcatchers stylist and you follow your hair care instructions there will be no damage!

What is the warranty for my Dreamcatcher extensions?

Your Dreamcatcher extensions have a 60 day warranty on any manufacturer defects that may occur from the date of purchase. If you feel that this is the case, please contact your certified Dreamcatcher stylist immediately.

Am I stuck with one hairstyle?

One great reason why so many clients and stylists choose Dreamcatchers is because of the versatility. With ease you can achieve any hairstyle imaginable. In most cases your Dreamcatchers will help you create all the looks you love and dream of!

How are the Dreamcatchers attached to the natural hair?

Dreamcatchers hair extensions can be applied with ease by your Certified Dreamcatchers Stylist. A small color coated cylinder is applied to your natural hair. The pre-tipped extension is then placed inside the cylinder and then crimped down and securely tightened to the hair. No heat glue waxes or braiding is needed which also means no damage!

Can the strands be removed?

Removal of the Dreamcatchers is a breeze. Your Certified Dreacamcatchers will simply reopen the cylinder and the extension come right out without and heat, breakage, or solvents!

How long must my hair be in order to add length to it?

C. With Dreamcatchers, as long as you can grab the hair you can attach and extension to it! During the one on one consultation with your certified Dreamcatchers Stylist, you can decide what length will be best for you. Length is in the eye of the beholder!


What Kind of hair is Dreamcatcher hair?

Dreamcatchers hair is one of the most elite and highest quality on the market. Our hair is 100% human remi (this means that the cuticle is in tacked and all flowing in the same direction) hair. Most companies sell Indian or Asian hair, which naturally starts at a very dark color. To achieve lighter tones, the hair must be stripped, bleached and over processed which damages the integrity of the hair. Our Dreamcatcher hair is sourced from Europe. It is a European blend which naturally starts at a lighter level already so very minimal processing occurs before it is installed on the client. The texture or European hair is also finer and more like a majority of most clients as well which allows for better blending and movement when worn. As you can see, these are literally “The World’s Best Hair Extensions”

Can the Extension hair be colored?

Although our color swatch is quite extensive some colors might not be a perfect match. If the Dreamcatchers need to be toned, please color outside of the head prior to installation. Please note, No lifting of any kind should be done on the Dreamcatchers. For desired results, please deposit only.

How long do the extensions last?

Typically the Dreamcatchers will last anywhere between 1-2 years depending on the way they are taken care of, daily wear and also the products that are used on them. We highly recommended using our specially formulated Dreamcatchers Wetcare line to insure that you get the full life and luster from your extensions


Can my client treat their extensions the same as their natural hair?

Please advise your clients to treat these Extensions the way the SHOULD treat their natural hair. Always give your client the haircare instructions. With ease they can wash, style, swim and enjoy just like their natural hair!

How often should the Dreamcatchers be maintained?

Every 4-6 weeks. If your clients do not return in that time frame they will loose the warranty on their extensions.

Why do you need to be certified to purchase Dreamcatchers Products?

Dreamcatchers prides itself in being one of the top and most elite extensions companies in the world. We also help give our DreamTeam stylists clients by advertising in national magazines, our website directory and our Toll free 855-dreamteam phone number which allows clients to locate their closest Dreamcatchers salon. To make ensure the quality of the Dreamcatcher services offered to clients stays consistent, you must take one of our trainings programs. In our trainings, we cover everything you need to know about Dreamcatchers (placement, pricing, color blending, adjustments, razor cutting techniques etc). We offer classes around the country year round as well as online trainings. This service is a must in every salon!

Can the natural hair be colored with the Dreamcatchers in?

Coloring your client’s natural hair is easy with Dreamcatchers. In most cases, coloring and the adjustment can be done simultaneously.

Do you offer re-tipping?

This is a great option for clients that the I-tipping has worn away however the hair is still in beautiful condition. We do offer re-tipping at a small service charge. This process takes about 6-8 weeks. A brand new tip is applied to the Dreamcatchers allowing for longer use as well as keeps the extension from shedding.

Are Dreamcatchers sold anywhere else?

Dreamcatchers are sold directly through our company only. You must be a certified dreamcatchers stylist to purchase our extensions. As a company, we believe this keeps our elite product a salon service only and a professional brand.

Will these extensions damage the natural hair?

Dreamcatchers is a damage free system when applied correctly, maintenanced regularly and all at home directions are followed.

Are the Dreamcatchers Cylinders Reusable?

Absolutely! Our cylinders are an emulsion of copper and aluminum to make them safe for the clients hair as well as durable enough to be reused. They have been triple coated with laquer and double baked so the color of the cylinder doesn’t chip off like other companies.

What is the warranty for my client’s Dreamcatcher extensions?

Dreamcatchers offers a 60 day warranty on our elite hair for no additional charge! This warranty is from the date of purchase and will cover any manufacture defects as long as it has been installed correctly (using DC hair, cylinders, and crimper) by a certified Dreamcatcher stylist. All hair must be sent in and tested before deemed defective. If hair is defective, it will be replaced with new hair at no cost to the stylist. If hair has been chemically altered the warranty is voided. For more information please contact your Dreamcatchers representative at (855) DREAM-TEAM.

How are the Dreamcatchers attached to my client’s hair?

Attaching a Dreamcatcher is a simple process. Simply, thread the natural hair through the color coated cylinder. Place the pre-tipped extension into the cylinder and crimp down 3 times to securely fasten it to the natural hair. No heat, glue, sewing or braiding is needed.

Can the strands be removed?

S. You can remove your clients dreamcatchers with the same crimper used to install them. Simply squeeze the flattened cylinder the opposite way to make it round again and it will release the extension. A full head removal can take less than 20 minutes!