After many requests and a lot of research and development, DreamCatchers is proud to announce the launch of the Crown-N-Glory.The primary use for the Crown-N-Glory is to provide coverage for clients who have very fine, “see-through” hair in the cranial area (over the top of the scalp).

As you all know, DreamCatchers are most effective on the sides and back and can only go so high until they become visible especially for those clients who have thinning hair. However, now with the introduction of the Crown-N-Glory, not only can you provide coverage in the cranial area but it also allows you to go a little higher with DreamCatchers (which are then covered by the Hair from the Crown-N-Glory).

In testing we have found the Crown-N-Glory to be a fantastic addition even for those clients that don’t have a hair-loss concern. They are quick to snap into place and are great for a quick fix without the hassle of styling, etc. Another benefit is being able to provide bangs in an instant (simply turn the Crown-N-Glory sideways) without cutting the client‘s hair, so they can change their look in a snap and then simply remove the Crown-N-Glory to return to their original style.

We have had tons of fun with the product and everyone who tried it simply loved it. You will note from the diagram that the membrane is porous, which allows for ventilation to the scalp and moisture like perspiration or water to pass through. The attachment is really easy (with the smaller clip at the front). Pop open the butterfly clip, take a small section of the client’s hair (sufficient to provide a secure attachment) and press the clip in the opposite direction to snap close (simply pressing firmly onto the scalp will provide the same result).

The Crown-N-Glory is manufactured from the highest grade “Remi” hair and can be colored (coloring instructions are provided in each box) to match your client’s hair perfectly. They come in six different colors from dark to light (Colors: 2, 5, 9, 13, 16, 19) on your DreamCatchers color ring. If you buy 6 in a single order, you will receive a free counter display for your Crown-N-Glory to display in your salon.

We are confident that once you introduce the Crown-N-Glory to your clients, that it will be a huge hit. For any further questions or to place an order, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-855-DREAM-TEAM (373-2683).



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I absolutely love the Crown-N-Glory! I’m so glad Dreamcatchers released it. Now I can offer extensions to all my clients without having to worry about the extensions showing through the crown of their head. Thanks Dreamcatchers for yet another incredible product!
Sara H.